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Judge Grants Preliminary Approval on $8.5 Million Deal to Resolve Wage, Overtime Dispute

Rock-Tenn Co. was granted preliminary approval on an $8.5 million deal to resolve a class action that claimed the paper and packaging company deprived over 800 of their factory workers overtime, wages, and proper breaks.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elihu M. Berle quickly signed off on the agreement during the hearing, finding it “fair, reasonable and adequate.”

The class action was first filed five years ago, and went through multiple rounds of mediation before finally coming to a suitable arrangement.

“The parties went into mediation willing to explore the potential for settlement but were prepared to litigate their position through trial and appeal if a settlement had not been reached,” the court filing states.

According to the class action against the company formerly known as Rock-Tenn, now called WestRock CP LLC, the company’s policies and practices caused workers to take shortened rest and meal breaks, or even miss them entirely without receiving state-mandated compensation pay. The lawsuit also claimed that employees were shorted on overtime pay by forcing them to work through breaks and off the clock, and by “illegally and inaccurately” tracking their hours worked.

WestRock is one of the biggest paper and packaging companies in the world, with an estimated 42,000 employees working in 30 different countries and $15 billion in annual revenue according to a press release sent out in 2015.

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