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As Future Motion Faces More Lawsuits Over Onewheel Nosedive, News Stories Report on More Accidents

Bailey Cowan Heckaman PLLC has led the charge in representing victims of Onewheel accidents.

Since filing our first Onewheel lawsuit in March 2020, our firm has continued to fight for victims and families in new wrongful death and personal injury filings against Future Motion, Inc. These claims allege that potential defects associated with the Onewheel electric transportation device can result in abrupt power shut-off, “nosedive”, and devastating crashes.

As of July 2021, BCH has filed several lawsuits against FM over alleged defects involving both the Onewheel and Onewheel XR. Some of our cases include:

Media Continues to Report on Onewheel Crashes

Despite the increasing number of lawsuits against Future Motion, we continue to hear from and about victims who’ve been seriously or fatally injured while using a Onewheel device. In fact, headlines about serious Onewheel-related accidents continue to crop up in the media:

  1. An article in Now to Love recounts the struggles of actress Zoë Bell and her partner Jacob Horn following Jacob’s Onewheel accident. Jacob fractured his skull, experienced bleeding in the brain, and slipped into a coma after falling from his Onewheel. He suffered permanent brain damage and lasting cognitive and emotional deficits, and is continuing his recovery journey.
  2. Local media in South Carolina ran a story on a 14-year-old girl who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a fall from a Onewheel. She continues to work toward regaining her memory, strength, and cognitive function months after the accident.
  3. In May, local media reported on a hit-and-run accident involving man who was killed while riding his Onewheel in San Jose. According to CBS News, a witness saw the victim riding his Onewheel when he somehow lost control of the device and fell to the ground shortly before he was struck by the vehicle.
  4. Numerous media outlets covered actor James Vanderbeek’s Onewheel accident, which sent him to the emergency room and resulted in injuries that required stitches.
  5. A man riding his Onewheel was struck by a vehicle in Jefferson County, Missouri, according to local authorities.

While these incidents have unique facts and circumstances, they all serve to highlight the dangers that accompany use of Onewheel devices. As more Onewheel accident victims come forward to share their experiences, BCH remains steadfast in litigating our clients’ claims and investigating other potential cases from personal injury victims and families nationwide.

To speak with an attorney about a potential Onewheel accident lawsuit, call or contact us online for a FREE consultation.

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